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Hilton Head Club Programs & Education

Programs are what we do best! From helping our teens plan for post-secondary options to Tunisian crochet for first-graders (yes, really), we offer a huge variety of options to keep you busy! We group our programs in to five Core Areas, and do our best to give everybody a little of everything and lot of the things you love!

Character & Leadership: empowers club members to support and give to their community by fostering fundamental integrity, meaningful relationships and a positive self-image.

Education & Career: enables youth to invest their time and talent in education and technology as they focus on future employment opportunities.

Health & Life Skills: promotes positive behavior that helps club members nurture their own well-being, achieve personal goals and develop skills to achieve self sufficiency as adults.

The Arts: encourages creative expression and cultural awareness through knowledge and appreciation of arts, crafts, performing arts and creative writing.

Sports, Fitness & Recreation: develops fitness, social skills and teamwork while promoting the positive use of leisure time through healthy exercise.

What does it look like? Click on one of these stories to read about how a few of our members stay busy!
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