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Jasper Programs & Services

Boys & Girls Clubs programs help youth develop the attitudes, skills, values and behaviors that enable them to succeed in life. The Jasper Club features:  

Fun, Safe, Positive Environments - Boys & Girls Clubs aim to create a strong sense of belonging for its members, making each Club welcoming and inviting. It's important to provide stability, consistency and a sense of physical and emotional safety.
✓ Power Hour- The first hour after school is designated for completing homework, helping members develop good study habits. 

✓ Supportive Relationships - Staff members and volunteers serve as mentors who teach Boys & Girls Club members how to respect and appreciate others, as well as provide them with guidance through their interactions. 

✓ Recognition for Members - Each Boys & Girls Club supports its member's self-worth by providing them with positive reinforcement and by showcasing their achievements. 
Core Programs: 

Our Club programs are the core of the members' activities. People know the Boys & Girls Clubs are safe and secure place for club members to interact with their friends, classmates, and staff every day after school and during the summer. What many people don't know is what happens inside the clubs' programs to create seeds of academic success, athletic performance, artistic expression, civic involvement and character development.  

Each club's programs focus on (5) core areas which are: 

  • Character & Leadership Development, Education & Career Development, Health & Life Skills, The Arts and Sports/Fitness & Recreation. 
  • Character & Leadership: empowers club members to support and give to their community by fostering fundamental integrity, meaningful relationships and a positive self-image. 
  • Education & Career: enables youth to invest their time and talent in education and technology as they focus on future employment opportunities. 
  • Health & Life Skills: promotes positive behavior that helps club members nurture their own well-being, achieve personal goals and develop skills to achieve self-sufficiency as adults. 
  • The Arts: encourages creative expression and cultural awareness through knowledge and appreciation of arts, crafts, performing arts and creative writing. 
  • Sports, Fitness & Recreation: develops fitness, social skills and teamwork while promoting the positive use of leisure time through healthy exercise. 
Contact Our Jasper Club
Club Location: 456 Grays Highway Ridgeland, South Carolina 
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 1421 Ridgeland, SC 29936 
(Club) 843-645-2323 (Fax) 843-645-2324 
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